Meet Our Team

As with all great companies, Volo Mission is dependent for its success on the exceptional people whose talent and commitment fuel its operations and make it what it is.
volo mission - our team


Kim is an entrepreneur, mentor, and helicopter pilot who is passionate about increasing awareness of the importance of human factors in external-load training. Kim has a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern California and a Masters in Aeronautical Science with specializations in Human Factors and Safety Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Kim is driven by her love of flying and her passion for helping others. With her psychology background and safety specialties, she brings a crucial additional dimension to the Volo Mission training program. When Kim is not working, she loves going on adventures with her family, training for the next fitness challenge, and mentoring the Spartan Girls!


A 25-year veteran of the helicopter industry, Andre is an entrepreneur, command pilot, and country manager for Columbia Helicopters who loves sharing his knowledge of long-lining with pilots who are entering (or reentering) the industry. As a pilot, Andre has worked in a multitude of capacities, including firefighting, police work, construction, logging, oil and gas operations, and DOD- Dept of Defense. Based on his experience, as well as observing others in different long line jobs around the world, he created Volo Mission’s industry-leading long line course. When he’s not overseeing operations at Volo Mission, Andre flies missions for Columbia Helicopters in Afghanistan and, when he gets a break, he enjoys trips with his family and a little time on the golf course.


Shelley officially started working for Volo Mission at the beginning of 2019 as an Administrative Assistant and is now leading the team as the Business Operations Manager. Combined with her degree in Business Management and her experience of working as a dispatcher and desk reception manager for a large helicopter tour operator in Alaska, Shelley has implemented systems to take Volo Mission to the next level of customer service and operations management.


Along with his peers at Volo Mission, Jordan is a working utility pilot with various types of experience in the helicopter industry. He began his career with flight instruction and moved on to fly tandem aircraft in support of the DOD, and Aerial Fire fighting for the USFS. Jordan is passionate about sharing information and knowledge to help create a more informed and safe atmosphere. Jordan is currently working in the power line utility industry which is an additional challenge in the external load work. “I look forward to continuing to pass down the insight and skill that has so positively affected my flying career to each person that comes to fly with us at Volo Mission.” When he’s not in the aircraft you can find Jordan on a pair of skis in some deep snow or spending time hunting and fishing with family.


In addition to his role as a Volo Mission IP, Luis is a command pilot for Columbia Helicopters, flying long line missions in Afghanistan to resupply soldiers in remote bases and move heavy equipment for retrograde. Luis’s experience includes precision placement of loads, firefighting, and logging. As a Certified Flight Instructor with long line experience in both heavy and light helicopters, Luis is an eminently qualified instructor with a passion for sharing his experience with pilots new to the industry. When he is not flying for Columbia or Volo Mission, you’ll generally find Luis off-roading in the desert or at one of his favorite combat sporting events!


Austin Shirley is the Ground Operations manager at Volo Mission, and also a native of Dallas, Texas. After serving 4 years in the United States Navy, he attended Texas State Technical College in Waco TX, where he attained both his CFI & CFI-I ratings in helicopters. In addition to Volo Mission, Austin has worked as a helicopter tour pilot, CFI, and more recently as a flight operations specialist and safety technician for Columbia Helicopters in Afghanistan.