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The Best Training Requires the Best Tools

As the premier vertical reference/long line training company in the industry, we are extremely diligent in selecting the equipment we use for our training programs. All Volo Mission equipment represents the highest standards in safety and innovation, and is optimized for the development of the specialized skills required in external-load operations.

robinson r44 helicopter


We selected the Robinson R44 for its sensitivity to flight control inputs, which facilitates the honing of skills needed for long line operations. In addition, the R44 permits easy access to line and hook, which both makes it more efficient and allows for quick transitions between exercises, eliminating downtime that could be used for training. Economically, the R44 allows for a pilot to receive the hours required and the repetition necessary to build a solid skill set that would not be obtainable in a larger, more expensive helicopter. Finally, the R44 is small and agile enough to gain a full view of the surroundings, line, and ground crew, which serves to enhance the learning experience.

Many Pilots who attend the course have never flown a Robinson Helicopter. That’s not an issue, our Instructor Pilots will take you through the necessary briefings and training prior to the course to allow you to pilot the R44. The training you receive in the R44 will translate to whatever helicopter you will fly on the job. Flying the long line will be just as frustrating and hard to fly in any type of helicopter!

Robinson Helicopter Partners


Our instructor pilots have been using Barry Cordage lines for many years, both in training and in long line missions. Like Volo Mission, Barry Cordage Ltd. is committed to safety and innovation. Barry longlines are synthetic lines made with Dyneema® fiber or Technora® fiber and have a minimum 7:1 safety factor. In addition, each longline is certified to comply with U.S. DOI ARA synthetic rope long line requirements for ½” diameter or larger.

Barry Long Lines and Nets
long lines and nets
long line hooks


Onboard Systems has been making cargo hooks since 1975. Their innovative hooks incorporate groundbreaking safety features and are exceptionally easy to work with. They are precision-manufactured in the United States according to strict Aerospace AS9100 quality assurance standards and undergo extensive testing.

Onboard Systems


Bambi Bucket is the premier firefighting water bucket company and has been trusted by more than a 1000 helicopter operators in dozens of countries worldwide, for more than a quarter-century.

Bambi Bucket
bambi bucket for fire rescue