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Volo Mission is the worlds leading training, consulting and advising company, providing comprehensive services and support to meet the critical demands of the external load and aerial fire fighting industry.

Using a different all-encompassing methodology that includes technical and soft skills, the high results we achieve are proven through enhanced safety, improved technical skills, and more efficient operations.

long line helicopter courses

Volo Mission provides comprehensive long line training for diverse operations requiring skilled and qualified vertical reference/long line pilots and ground crews. In addition, our advanced instruction includes (but is not limited to) industry-specific training such as; construction and precision, and aerial firefighting. Volo Mission’s classroom and practical training also focuses on enhancing human performance and leadership skills.


Year after year, the Volo Ranch welcomes helicopter pilots from all over the world. Pilots arrive to enhance their long line skills and stay to experience Texas’s adventurous spirit, warm hospitality, longhorns and the world’s best BBQ. Come on. We know y’all will love it here.

Volo Mission is strategically positioned in the heart of Texas, it provides the comfort and quiet of a farm-like setting with fewer interruptions allowing the individuals to focus solely on training.

The Volo Ranch encompasses 100-acres dedicated to long-line training featuring a multitude of exercises that will challenge your skill. Our on-site housing is furnished with authentic decor native to the hardy farm life of Texas.

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After many mornings of ground lessons, days of leaning out the door looking at the skid, hook shot after hook shot, I finished the course with the ability and confidence to actually jump into the commercial world of flying external loads. Working with the Volo Mission team was a pleasure and the 10-day course was the most humbling and rewarding aviation experience I have had.”

Aaron Martin, Pilot