Designed for long line pilots who need to refresh and sharpen their knowledge and skills to maintain proficiency or that may be re-entering the external load industry.

Designed for:

  • Pilots wanting to Refresh their Vertical Reference and/or Long Line Skills
  • Pilots moving to a Different Sector in the
    External-Load Industry
  • Pilots wanting to Improve their Speed
    and Proficiency
  • Company Hires Requiring Skill Refreshment and/or Mission-Specific Training

This course includes:

  • Initial skill and knowledge assessment
  • Skill set enhancement and refinement
    (control, speed and accuracy)
  • Training on the safety, care, and handling of the long line (review)
  • Ground crew operations/communications training (review)
long line operations and training


The first few hours are spent assessing individual skill levels and addressing any deficiencies (e.g., regulations, ground operations, VR, and/or long line abilities). The pilot will also be introduced to any new classroom materials, case studies, and long line exercises.


While the primary concern of Volo Mission is control and precision, in this portion of the training the pilot will learn to incorporate speed for greater proficiency. Since pilots in the recurrent training course should already have a solid grasp of vertical reference and long line skills, this is an opportunity to spend time enhancing and fine-tuning those skills.

long line operations and training