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Our training, consulting, and advising services meet the critical demands of the external load and aerial fire fighting industries. At Volo Mission, we focus on technical skills and the importance of organizational culture, teamwork, and building leadership and interpersonal skills.

Corporate Training Services

Volo Mission’s training meets and exceeds industry standards while being efficient and rigorous. We compress valuable information in short amounts of time. Our instruction is designed with a holistic perspective on human factors, safety, and technical skill development.

For companies needing support with their training programs, Volo Mission offers the following:

  • Foundation Building Course – focuses specifically on building VR and long line foundational skills and principles so that pilot can then continue with company for fine-tuning in company aircraft and mission specific training.
  • Comprehensive Long Line Course – focuses on starting pilot with little to no long line time and advancing them through to a proficient, competent, and safe long line pilot.

  • Short Courses – Volo Mission offers a variety of short courses to advance the pilot in his or her existing long line skills to meet company needs.

  • Job Assessment – designed for busy companies that are short on time and readily available equipment. A thorough review will be performed on the pilot to determine the level of knowledge and skills pertaining to external load operations.

In addition to the training being provided at our 100-acre facility in Campbell, Texas, we can provide on-site training to your pilots, ground crew, and leadership team. On-site training is available both, domestically and internationally. Certain limitations apply to onsite training.

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External Load Consulting Services

Our consulting experts have spent decades working in the helicopter industry, and as an approved Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] Part 133 External Load operation, we know firsthand what it takes to become certified. We use this knowledge, alongside with our passion to serve the long line industry, to provide value and address your operational needs.

Our consulting services provide support to clients looking for improved operational safety and efficiency, training, and/or obtaining their Part 133 certification.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Assistance with FAA Part 133 application and approval process.
  • Long line equipment assessment and selection.

  • Assist in preparing company and crew for FAA site inspections and flight test demonstrations.

  • Consult with leadership teams on organizational culture and safety.
  • Create specialized training programs tailored to the client’s targeted goals and objectives.

Kim Hutchings helps individuals and companies improve potential and growth. For individuals, our variety of services and training improves individual capabilities and potential, builds knowledge and skills, facilitates employability, improves health and enhances quality of life.

For organizations, our services focus on challenging systemic beliefs, attitudes and values of employees. As a result, companies benefit from culture improvement. In addition, Kim offers keynote speaking on the subjects of distractions and emotional intelligence.

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Since 2014, Volo Mission has been the world leader in advisory, consulting, and training for the external load and aerial firefighting industry.  We are a respected company that provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to meet the critical demands of the industry today.

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