Why Choose Volo Mission for External Load Training?

Dedication, Experience, and the Best Long Line Pilots in the Business

As you may know, there are over 100 helicopter schools in the U.S., including some that offer long line/vertical reference training. For those desiring to learn the extremely difficult and exacting skills required for external-load flight, Volo Mission is a clear first choice.

Unlike other helicopter schools, Volo Mission is dedicated exclusively to vertical reference and long line training. It was specifically designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of the external-load industry, from specialized piloting skills, to ground crew training, safety, and human factors associated with this demanding and rigorous discipline.

why choose volo mission for vertical reference training

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective External Load Training

While we are committed to providing trainees with the best possible foundation across varied sectors of external-load flight scenarios, we also have structured our courses to be completed in the shortest possible time in order to maintain cost effectiveness.

Volo Mission was founded and is led by Kim and Andre Hutchings, universally recognized as some of the premier experts on vertical reference training, and is staffed by certified instructors with years of long line experience. We pride ourselves on offering focused, one-on-one training that allows graduates to begin working long line operations immediately after completing the course.

Because we understand what’s at stake in vertical reference external-load operations, we are unconditionally committed to providing the best and most up-to-date external load training  – training that will allow our graduates to always complete their missions, safely and successfully.

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    What Our Students Say About Our External Load Training Programs

    As a former 20-year career Army Blackhawk utility pilot, I had done hundreds if not thousands of external load operations: Rappel, External Hoist, Bambi Bucket, STABO, FASTROPE, and sling loads. To date, the hardest thing I had ever done in a helicopter was night vision goggle one wheel lip landings on buildings whilst troops are exiting the aircraft and the CG constantly shifting as they exited. That was until I attended the Volo Mission Vertical Reference / Long Line Course! All I can say now is that I really wish I had had this training while in the Army!!  I cannot tell you how much easier it would be performing these operations looking out the cockpit window “bubble” and utilizing vertical reference instead of a combination of horizon and outside references.

    -Kent Sapp