Why choose Volo Mission?

Since 2014, Volo Mission has been the world leader in training, consulting, and advising for the long line and aerial firefighting industry. We are passionate about providing the most extensive level of support to ensure your missions are expertly accomplished. It’s all we do.

Using a different all-encompassing methodology that includes technical and soft skills, the high results we achieve are proven through enhanced safety, improved technical skills, and more efficient operations. Whether you are a pilot desiring to add long line training to your skillset, or external-load operation, Volo Mission offers specialized, elite-level support and training.

long line operations and training
Recognized as the best in the industry

Volo Mission is the only company in the world that focuses exclusively on long line training. Our instructors are industry professionals with over 60 years of combined experience.

Diverse experience in various industry segments

Our diversely experienced vertical reference pilots have worked in various industry segments. Not only do we offer highly-skilled training, but we can also offer advanced training and knowledge in mission-specific operations.

long line operations and training
long line consulting company
The most specialized training in the world

There are over 100 helicopter schools and consulting firms in the U.S., including some that offer long line/vertical reference training and expertise. Unlike other companies, Volo Mission is dedicated exclusively to vertical reference and long line operations. It is specifically designed to provide comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of the external-load industry. Volo Mission focuses on specialized piloting skills, processes, safety, and human factors associated with this demanding and rigorous discipline. We are unconditionally committed to serving the industry by offering the best possible preparation for this challenging field.

With the help of Volo Mission, we were able to get our pilot to work immediately and he did a great job! It’s so awesome to have this training option available to the industry, thank you!
Jim Scott, Owner of Hawkeye Helicopter
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