Volo Mission is dedicated to being the world leader in advising, consulting, and training for the long line and aerial firefighting industry. We are passionate about providing the most extensive level of support to ensure your missions are accomplished safely, efficiently, and professionally.


Founders Andre and Kim Hutchings developed Volo Mission to address what they saw as shortcomings in traditional long-line operations.

These included a lack of focus on building strong foundational skills and, equally importantly, a failure to address the human factors that play an important role in this high-risk industry. Thus, Volo Mission’s services and training emphasize practice and repetition to solidify abilities, decrease the chance of skill decay, and incorporate emotional intelligence and human factors of external-load operations.

Our well-rounded team is comprised of highly experienced pilots and consultants in various sectors of the external load industry. This not only means that our clients receive training from the best instructors but that we can also offer high-level expertise in mission-specific operations.

Andre and Kim are constantly working to further their skills, knowledge, and training to keep Volo Mission at the forefront of the industry. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, professionalism, and all aspects of vertical reference/long line operations ensures that you will be fully prepared to complete your external-load missions every time.

We are proud of Volo Mission’s impact in our industry, and we are committed to giving back through industry associations and community involvement.

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Whirly-Girls Scholarship

Volo Mission is dedicated to mentoring and fostering the growth of female pilots. In partnership with Erickson Incorporated, we provide an annual scholarship opportunity to women pilots through Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund, a non-profit, charitable, and educational organization whose goal is to advance women in helicopter aviation.

Each application is collectively reviewed by Volo Mission and Erickson to identify the Whirly-Girls International scholarship award recipient.

Professional Associations

Committed to the rotor industry, Volo Mission participates in all aspects of the industry as members of the Helicopter Association International [HAI], the Airborne Public Safety Association [APSA] and Whirly-Girls International.

long line operations and training

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