Long Line Training
For Precision Construction

Our Advanced Precision-Construction training is designed for long line pilots who need additional training to advance their precision skills in construction operations. The APC training is concentrated on rigging, safety equipment, managing critical communications, and regulating speed and tempo to the specific precision loads and operations.

Designed for Construction Precision

Specifically designed for industry long line pilots to further enhance their skill set in order to move into precision and construction work.


  • Can be added to the comprehensive long line program
  • Flight 5 hours / Classroom 4 hours / Field Training 2 hours

This course includes:

  • Precision exercises: pole-in-the-hole, air-condition unit on bolts, erecting satellite phone tower
  • Comprehensive ground classes to include: Precision/Construction techniques, communications and briefs, mechanical advantage, construction mindset
  • Ground crew training for construction operations
  • Congested Area Plan (CAP) requirements
After many mornings of ground lessons, days of leaning out the door looking at the skid, hook shot after hook shot, I finished the course with the ability and confidence to actually jump into the commercial world of flying external loads. Working with the Volo Mission team was a pleasure and the 10-day course was the most humbling and rewarding aviation experience I have had.
Aaron Martin, Pilot