Basic and Advanced
Aerial Firefighting Principles

Content is concentrated on the specific training needed for pilots looking to enter the aerial firefighting industry or who seek extended training to enhance their existing fire fighting skillset.


As SEI Industries Bambi Buckets® approved training company and instructors, Volo Mission offers aerial firefighting training and support services to government and local agencies, military aviation units, companies and individual pilots looking to enhance their existing programs/skills, or advance into the aerial firefighting sector at the entry level.

We work closely with experts in the USFS to remain current and up-to-date with the latest advancements or changes in wildland firefighting operations.

Our mission

To provide our customers with superior training and support combined with comprehensive knowledge and experience of Volo’s instructor team, USFS experts, and the proven quality and reliability of Bambi Buckets®. Upon training completion, clients will have gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform safely and efficiently in the aerial firefighting environment.

long line operations and training
long line operations and training


These courses are designed for Pilots who have no Aerial Firefighting experience and wish to learn the skills and knowledge to break into this sector of the industry, or for Pilots already experienced in the basics of firefighting who require extended training to enhance their firefighting skillset and advance to the next level.

Our Programs include:
1. Basic Aerial Firefighting
2. Advanced Aerial Firefighting
3. Onsite Customer Training and Support

Basic Aerial Firefighting

Starting from zero hours or building on existing long line skills, this program introduces the pilot to the basics of aerial firefighting. This course is also for aerial firefighting pilots who would like to refresh their skills prior to the start of the fire season.


A comprehensive program designed to train pilots to a level of proficiency and knowledge to meet/exceed USFS standards and qualifications and safely and effectively work as a wildland firefighting pilot. Ground classes cover everything from fire behavior, tactics, terminology, USFS manuals and guides, USFS checkrides and carding procedures. Flight operations comprised of everything from bucket pick ups and setdowns, dipsite indentification and callouts, through to a simulated USFS checkride on our in house short haul course.

This course includes:

  • Flight 3 Hours / Classroom 2 Hours / Field Classes 1 Hour
  • Bambi Bucket Basic Care, Maintenance, and Inspections
  • 150 Foot and 100 Foot Long Line and Belly Hook Operations
  • Open and Confined Area Bucket Operations

This course includes:

  • Flight 5 Hours / Classroom 5 Hours / Field Classes 1.5 Hour
  • Bambi Bucket Basic Care, Maintenance, and Inspections
  • 150 Foot and 100 Foot Long Line and Belly
    Hook Operations
  • Open and Confined Area Bucket Operations
  • Operational and Safety Procedures Guide

We provide on-site training worldwide for Aerial Firefighting for Helicopters and External Load Operations. 
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As part of my primary duties as a Helicopter Inspector Pilot with the U.S. Forest Service, I am charged with evaluating pilots in long-line and wildland firefighting operations in order to certify pilots for government contracting support. The level of proficiency and operational safety I observed from the pilots who have completed this training far exceeds the standards required for certification under the government’s practical test standards.
The challenging and rigorous program of instruction provided by Volo is impressive to say the least. The Volo Mission team know exactly how to maximize learning without sacrificing any flight hours. Without hesitation I recommend the training Volo Mission offers and consider myself a safer and more proficient pilot for having received this training.”
Mike Fusilier, Helicopter Inspector Pilot, U.S. Forest Service