Advanced Firefighting Long Line Principles

Volo Mission’s Advanced Firefighting Long Line and Principles training is designed for long line pilots who need additional training to advance their long line skills, while also receiving a refresher course on Firefighting Principles.

Course Details:

  • Can be added to the comprehensive long line program

  • Bambi bucket basic care, maintenance and inspections

This course includes:

  • 100 foot long line and belly hook operations
  • Bambi Bucket Procedures for open and confined areas
  • Schedule: Flight 3 hours + Coursework 3 hours + Field Training 1.5 hours

The level of proficiency and operational safety I observed from the pilots who have completed this training far exceeds the standards required for certification under the government’s practical test standards. The challenging and rigorous program of instruction provided by Volo is impressive, to say the least. Andre and his team know exactly how to maximize learning without sacrificing any flight hours. Without hesitation, I recommend the training Volo Mission offers and consider myself a safer and more proficient pilot for having received this training.

Mike Fusilier, Helicopter Inspector Pilot, U.S. Forest Service


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