In the World of Aviation Training, It All Starts and Ends with Safety

Any type of flying necessarily involves risk, but long line helicopter operation comes with its own special set of hazards. That’s why from the moment you arrive at Volo Mission for training to the completion of your course, we make it our duty to emphasize safety in every aspect of what we teach. From our president and our director of operations, to our instructor pilots, to our ground crew staff, Volo Mission is invested in the safety of our students and in minimizing risk, and we work hard to instill this ethic in our trainees.

safety in long line training

Above and beyond following standard FAA safety protocol, here are some of the things we do to ensure a safe working and training environment:

  • We hire only the most highly experienced instructors with spotless safety records.

  • All personnel have well-defined responsibilities for ensuring that Volo Mission’s safety regimen is carried out.

  • We encourage all of our staff to report any safety concerns and to suggest any ways in which they think safety can be enhanced.

  • We comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements and benchmarks.

  • We continually review and evaluate our safety program and procedures to ensure that they continue to meet the highest standards.

  • All outside products and services that support our operations are required to meet our safety performance criteria.

  • We strive to create a company culture that prioritizes safe practices, encourages reporting and communication, and actively manages safety rigorously and consistently.